Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Years with V Factory

Cody and Ian on New years

New Years Eve with My Sister!! PARTY!!!!

We decided to go run errands together...which included singing to Beyonce and picking up tickets to see V Factory in concert!!

Tyson helping chanel dance at the bowling alley :)

I wish I could have turned this the other way but it is to funny not to post

Christmas in VEGAS!

I loved going to Vegas. We went up with my friend BJ and the whole gang. We stayed with Brandon's cousin and it was a blast!! Vegas is beautiful with all the fun christmas stuff.

Some Christmas pics

SO I know these are out of order...I am a little behind

Family Vacation in St. George 2008

We had such a blast in St. George with the family. I don't think we could get cody out of the pool. Once Chanel got over the initial shock of the hot tub she actually liked it. lol It was so nice to have the whole family there!!